The two most asked questions in life are:

Who Am I? Why Am I Here?

Why does every human being seem to ponder these two questions?

Because the Soul in each of us wants to Live Out Loud!

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The Who I Am 2012 Summit.

Announcing the

Who I Am 2012 Global TeleSummit
January 5, 2012 through January 26, 2012

Traci CarmanPlease join with these amazing teachers on a journey to explore who YOU are!

This is the first ever event with the sole purpose of exploring
Who Am I?

Hi! My name is Traci Carman and I am the Founder and organizer of the Who I Am 2012 Summit.

We are all born knowing who we are and why we are here. However, as we grow up, we forget. Most people go through years of counseling, self-help, personal growth programs, and various other means, in the hopes of finding themselves again. Is that YOU?

It is time to unlock the mystery, to peek behind the curtain, to remove the veil that hides YOUR core essence.

  • Do you wake up wondering why you’re doing the same thing again, even though it doesn’t make you happy?
  • Do you wonder what you’re “supposed” to be doing with your life? There must be more to this?
  • Do you ever feel depressed?
  • Are you frustrated in business, or as a parent?
  • Do you feel a sense of missing?
  • Are you forever looking for something to fill in the “gap”? (What is that gap?)
  • Are your relationships difficult and unsatisfying?
  • Do you wonder why money doesn’t work for you?
  • Do you ever wonder “What’s the point?”
  • How does God, Universe, Source fit into all of this? Or, does it?

Join us, as we explore these questions, and more!

We are in a time of Spiritual Evolution.
Our souls are crying out.

It is time to BE who we are, and time to see others as who they are.

I believe everyone on this planet has been given a gift to share with the world. When each of us steps into who we truly are, and why we are here, it will be like a symphony in perfect harmony … the flow will be beautiful.

When we are BEING who we are, it is us connecting to the energy of the Universe. We are “plugged in,” and everything we create from that foundation is QUALITY and TRUTH.

It’s time to WAKE UP!

Free Registration!

Enter your name and email address below to register for
The Who I Am 2012 Summit.

The purpose of the Who I Am Summit is to support YOU in remembering who you really are, and to give you support to awaken the Power, Confidence and Divinity within you … as it relates to money, passion, relationships, business … life.

Time is passing quickly.

Many are still sleeping. No more!

It is time to wake up.
It is time to unlock the mystery
(which is no mystery at all), and
discover the truth about who YOU are.

We will have 24 transformational leaders and other spiritual teachers sharing their personal stories of awakening and purpose. They will share what they have found to be the true core pieces in this puzzle of life, as they relate to “Who I Am.”

Who I Am 2012 Summit Speakers

  • Headshot-MarieDiamond

    Marie Diamond is a globally renowned transformational leader—featured in the worldwide phenomenon "The Secret" and seven other motivational documentaries—who uses her extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui energy to help people transform their environments and their lives.

    Her clients include A-list celebrities in film and music, top selling writers, leaders from Fortune 500 companies, and governments. Diamond combines her intuitive gifts, the growing science of energy flow, ancient wisdom, and modern tools to enlighten homes, businesses, and people. She is known for her passion to help create enlightened leaders around the world.

    The internationally acclaimed author, teacher, consultant, and motivational speaker brings her wisdom and counsel to a wide audience through her seminars, personal appearances on TV and radio, tele-classes, coaching, and products.

    Born in Belgium, and now living between the United States and France, Marie was a successful lawyer before shifting her focus to the Laws of the Universe.

    Marie Diamond is an author, lecturer, teacher, and a leader in the transformational movement. A native of Belgium, Marie trained there as a lawyer and criminologist. Fluent in five languages, she worked in government, publishing, and sales early in her career. Her safety management skills are sought by multinational corporations like BP-Amoco, Exxon-Mobil, and Total Fina, whose productivity and safety records improved dramatically after implementing her recommendations.

    Featured in the phenomenon "The Secret", Marie explains that we are all creators of our own individual universe.

    The Law of Attraction and the Laws of the Universe operate the same for everyone. Thoughts have substance, and we manifest those things that occupy our thought lives. We have the power to change our circumstances.

    Marie has known that success, physical and emotional well-being, happy relationships, and spiritual wisdom are affected by our environment. Proper guidance of universal energy is essential to maximizing our experience on Earth.

    See Marie Diamond speak on YouTube

    Believing that happiness is attainable for everyone, Marie has a gift for taking complicated concepts and distilling them into their basic forms. Simplicity brings clarity.

  • DC Cordova
    Dame DC Cordova, CEO,
    Ambassador of New Education, and Mentor of Nurturing

    DC Cordova is CEO of Excellerated Business Schools®/Money & You®, a global organization that has over 80,000 graduates from the Asia Pacific and North American regions in English and Chinese.  Because many of today’s wealth/business “gurus” have attended Money & You® and transformed the way they teach, her work continues through them to millions world-wide.  She is a “Connector” with a special gift for bringing together diverse successful Social Entrepreneurs from around world.

    Her purpose is to Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness Through Business. DC is an Ambassador of New Education with a tireless pursuit to transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger.  DC is a Mentor of Nurturingthrough her work with high-level entrepreneurs/business leaders.

    She is the author of the comprehensive systems manual, Money-Making Systems; and has co-authored many books. DC has hosted a Money & You Radio Show, participated in over a dozen motivational films and TV shows and; been interviewed around the world for radio, newspapers and magazines.

    She is a Founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC), and the So Cal Association of Transformational Leaders; a facilitator for the Pachamama Alliance Symposium; a Founding Faculty member for Compassion Happens Inc (CHI), Advisor on China and Asia Pacific to One Degree Media & Entertainment, Inc.; Director of International Relations for the Women’s Information Network; Council Member of Women Speakers’ Association; promoter of the global campaign:; Asia Pacific Development Consultant /Member of Board of Advisors of

    On her birthday, Nov. 14, 2010, DC was knighted by The Sovereign Order of the Orthodox Knights Hospitaller of Saint John of Jerusalem for her lifelong service to humanity. 

  • Helice-Bridges

    Sparky lights up the world with her love, humor and wisdom. Over 30 million people worldwide have been impacted by her "Who I Am Makes A Difference"® Blue Ribbon message. Her work has been translated into 11 languages. Sparky is an international speaker, author, trainer, coach and creator of the world famous "Who I Am Makes A Difference"® Blue Ribbon Acknowledgement Ceremony. As Founder and CEO of Difference Makers International (DMI) a nonprofit organization, she is an unstoppable force fulfilling the mission to build communities that unite children and adults to express appreciation, respect and love, value unique talents and empower dreams. The work of DMI has helped to eradicate bullying, avert adolescent suicide and ignite passion, purpose and prosperity where people live, learn and work.

    Helice's stories appear in the New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, Heart At Work and The Aladdin Factor. Her world famous "Blue Ribbon Story", about a 14 year-old boy who was saved from committing suicide, received 3 million hits on YouTube. Helice's story was featured in Woman's World Magazine. Helice has received recognition along with First Lady Barbara Bush, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Norman Cousins for her work in raising the self-esteem of children. She was a keynote speaker at the Environment Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro along with world leaders Vice President Al Gore and the Dali Lama. She is the recipient of the Speak for Success Women Changing the World Award and the TKF Gandhi Non-Violence Award.

    Helice's journey began in 1980, as volunteer co-chair of the San Diego Hunger Project, speaking to over 50,000 people about ending world hunger. It was during that time she discovered another type of hunger; people starving for recognition. People told her that they didn't feel their lives mattered. Helice, felt their pain and decided to help all people know that their lives made a difference by creating the "Who I Am Makes A Difference"® Blue Ribbon and "10-Step Blue Ribbon Acknowledgement Ceremony"™. She began teaching people from all walks of life how to connect heart-to-heart, express their deep appreciation, respect and love for themselves and others and cheer each other on for their dreams. Her ceremony has saved lives and helped people reach their highest potential.
    Sparky has taught monks in Mexico, Canada and England, children, educators, business executives and global leaders in the United States, Canada, Soviet Union, Israel and South America. Sparky's simple 5-Star Acknowledgement Foundation is a sustainable system that unlocks the code to divine purpose so that all people may know who they are, why they are here and the difference they make.
    Sparky invites you to join her dream… a Blue Ribbon Over Every Heart… 300 million people honored with a "Who I Am Makes A Difference"® Blue Ribbon by the year 2020…so that EVERYONE knows they are valued and make a difference in this world. Ask her about her "Bully NO More!" student leadership training for grades K-12 and "Standing Strong Together"™ Community Building Leadership Training…teens and adults teaching humanity how to love.

    For more info, see

  • Headshot-jerry-conti
    Jerry is the Co-Founder and CEO of CompassionHappens Inc. who's mission is to inspire individuals to become Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs. His company is dedicated in growing 1 million profitable businesses serving people, communities and the planet over the next decade. The SCENE, Stands for (Socially Conscious Education Network for Entrepreneurs) is now being developed to provide superior entrepreneurial education, training and resources to advance social businesses to solve social and environmental problems, while helping their members manifest personal and financial freedom. Jerry serves on the advisory board for The I AM Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit located in San Diego, CA. He was also featured in the popular recent documentary film "The Compass".
Marie Diamond
January 12, 2012

Law of Attraction for 2012
DC Cordova
January 16, 2012

Money and You
Helice “Sparky” Bridges
January 5, 2012

Changing Lives in a Minute or Less Through the Power of Acknowledgment

Jerry Conti
January 17, 2012

I Am That I Am And There Is Nothing To Fear!
  • Paul-Fink
    Paul Finck has impacted the lives of thousands of people with his insights and abilities. As an authority on the psychology of people, instant change, and peak performance, he has established himself as the "Go To" guy for results. He brings to the table 25 years of sales, marketing, and entrepreneur experience. For you real estate folks, he is a past mortgage banker, a real estate agent, and an active real estate investor. Starting with a desire and a dream, he learned from several of the biggest names in Real Estate (Marshall Sylver, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Ron LeGrand, Terry Hale, Robert Shemin, Ted Thomas, Dave Lindahl, Scott Sheel) - and went out & "DID IT". With his focus on "multiple streams of income", just in the last few years, he has built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, created partnerships with several top international developers, become a leader in network marketing, speaks on a National level, and coaches thousands around the country. Realize that Paul's passion for life and his pursuit of his dreams is self evident not only from his business success … it is also obvious in his personal life. As a devoted husband to his beautiful wife of 13 years, Deborah, and father to THREE SETS OF TWINS, Paul Finck is the model of balance. He is well known for his success and awesome family, and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, CNN Live, The Jane Pauley Show, The Montell Williams Show, Channel 8 and Channel 11 News, Parents Magazine (June 2005), and most local newspapers in his home state of Connecticut. All agree, any time spent with Paul Finck will "Quantum Leap" your success. Paul Finck currently offers private and group coaching sessions, and appears on stages around the country speaking on real estate, motivation, sales and networking, living your dreams, and quantum leaping your success. He makes himself available for public, private and corporate speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars on a wide variety of topics.
  • Stephen-garrett

    When you first meet Stephen, you know that you are meeting a man who walks the walk. Disciplined practice, a genuine heart and commitment to Life have produced in Stephen the qualities of a warrior: integrity, strength, leadership, kindness and Knowledge.

    Stephen has experienced tremendous success in life. He has remarkable accomplishments as a teacher, an investment banker, a social worker, a builder, author and speaker. Throughout his life, as Stephen reached the pinnacle of achievement in one area, he would expand to another driven by the desire to do better for his family and for his world. Perhaps Stephen’s greatest achievement is his courage in the midst of adversity. Along with his exceptional success, Stephen has faced tremendous loss, pain and difficulty in his life. What makes Stephen as a man more profound than his many accomplishments is his choice to remain open, loving and steadfast in the midst of hardship.

    Although his accomplishments are notable, what truly makes the mark of this man is his lifetime of service. Stephen exudes what is possible when you live your life in alignment with your own deepest purpose. He lives from the Truth he has discovered within. He makes it possible for others to do the same. He has documented some of his wisdom in his first two books, Men Read This, A Spiritual Guide for the Regular Guy and Monks Without a Church, Life Beyond Religion.

    Stephen has traveled the world leading workshops such as The Power of Your Choice, Awakening to Your Truest Power, and Coming Home - the Illumination Intensive, making it possible for thousands to step into the magic and power of their own life. Stephen’s personal spiritual practice, his published writing and his empowered teachings are all infused with practical Truth and passion. Stephen is a natural leader of people - he is known for his exceptional commitment to each and every student that crosses his path.

    In alignment with his own teachings Stephen, at the age of 62, is once again happily reinventing himself and following his heart’s next calling. The result is his new web site, soon to be launched. The site is dedicated to helping people reconnect with their own deepest heart and learn to embrace their own death in a way that supports them in living a life full of freedom and joy. Stephen is unleashing his passion and life energy in pursuit of changing our cultures approach to death from something to deny and fight at all costs – an enemy, to a perspective of embrace, and loving acceptance that honors death as a fundamental and most intimate facet of life – an ally.

  • Andrew Oser

    A coach since 1972, Andrew has helped countless individuals to awaken to and express their full potential. Andrew brings a joyful spirit, along with a wide range of experience to his service to clients. He founded and served as Executive Director of the Joy of Sports Foundation, a nonprofit organization which served more than 50,000 children. He created Effortless Tennis, a breakthrough approach to coaching that sport. He has led trainings throughout North America and Asia, including programs for General Dynamics, Time/Warner, and the U.S. Air Force.

    Andrew is a summa cum laude graduate of Princeton University. His service has received recognition as a Point of Light by the White House. Andrew is the author of several books including How Alternation Can Change Your Life, The Joy of Tennis, and Star Power for Preschoolers. He also created the popular guided meditation CD, Come Home to Yourself.

    Andrew has long been consumed by a passion for personal and spiritual growth. His approach has been eclectic; primary influences include Ramana Maharshi, Tim Gallwey, Marshall Rosenberg, Adyashanti, and Byron Katie. By integrating what he has learned from his teachers with his own fresh perspective, Andrew has developed a powerful coaching model.

    Andrew takes an inside-out approach to helping clients achieve sustainable breakthroughs in their businesses and their lives. He works first on shifting any beliefs and fears which might be blocking clients from moving forward, then on coming up with specific strategies and action steps. His clients report making consistent, often dramatic, progress toward their goals.

    For more info, see

  • Anjali

    Anjali is a rare teacher. Anjali is a kind, deep, powerful woman who has dedicated her life to her own growth and to making it possible for others to know Truth and to know harmony in relationship.

    Anjali has taken, staffed and mastered over 150 REAL AWAKENINGS. This is truly an amazing accomplishment. The purpose of the Real Awakening is to experience direct union with the Truth of Who you are. It is the experience of Enlightenment. Although it is beyond words of explanation or description, Enlightenment is real. The benefits alone of going for this level of Truth are profound. It is usual to experience deep awakening to your own true self.

    Anjali took her first weekend of The Real Awakening in 1976. She trained intensely to guide people within this process for six years and gave her first workshop in 1982. She was prestigiously certified as an Enlightenment Master in 1992 by the Dyad School of Enlightenment in Australia. These events impacted Anjali’s life of service. The many benefits she herself experienced through the process of waking to enlightenment inspired Anjali to show others how to do this process. Thousands have attended.

    Born and raised in Ontario, Anjali was certified as a yoga instructor early in her career. She trained for two years with the Yoga Centre Toronto before being officially certified in 1977. Yoga literally means union. It is from depth and with clarity that Anjali teaches true yoga which impacts many levels of each student’s life and being.

    One of Anjali’s most shining areas of long term achievement is in her full-time counseling practice which has thrived since 1987. Anjali has studied Clearing since 1985, and she was certified as an independent practitioner of Clearing by the European Clearing Association in Geneva in 1997. Anjali’s practice has helped people from almost every walk of life. She is especially renowned for her work in counseling couples.

    It is not merely her years of experience or even her impressive credentials that make Anjali an exceptional counselor and teacher. Anjali is conscious and caring. She uses her awareness like a knife to expertly slice to the reality and heart of every situation. Her answers are honest and simple. She speaks with humour, compassion and depth.

    Today Anjali offers the Real Awakening, The Living from Truth Program, Personal Counselling, various specialty courses and a yearly week-long Retreat for her students. Anjali has crafted and taught these workshops since 2003. The Living from Truth seminars help participants live with greater Truth in their life. The work she offers helps to ground the Awakening and the lessons that are gained when you intentionally seek to know the Truth.

Paul Finck
January 25, 2012

The "Quantum Leap" Success Formula - The Secrets to creating the Massive Change You Now Want!

Stephen Garrett
January 25, 2012

Embrace Your Death, Turning a Mortal Enemy into
an Inspiring Ally

Andrew Oser
January 18, 2012

Living The Truth of
Who I Really Am

Anjali Hill
January 10, 2012

Contact- The Missing Link

  • Bill-gladstone-small

    William Gladstone is best known for his international bestseller The Twelve and for co-authoring The Golden Motorcycle Gang with Jack Canfield.Bill is also the co-author of Tapping the Source and co-producer of the film of the same name. In addition, he is a literary agent for many best-selling authors—including Eckhart Tolle and Thom Hartmann—and the founder of Waterside Productions, as well as a trustee of the International Club of Budapest. Website:
  • Hartman

    Often referred to as “The Game Changer”, International Speaker and Revenue Consultant, Stefanie Hartman is a highly sought after Behind the Scenes Marketing Strategist for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, consultants, Oprah guests and experts throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

    Stefanie specializes in providing proven, immediate, powerful business positioning & marketing strategies to generate on-going revenues, build your customer base and position you as THE TOP EXPERT in your field, and helps entrepreneurs eliminate the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes.

    What Stefanie is perhaps MOST known for is her ability to turn her clients unique skills, interests, knowledge and target market; into new reoccurring profits for you through her “worth-revenue model” where they create money without going to the office.

    • Designed Marketing Strategy that enabled an author to sell over $1 Million of products in 3 days.
    • Designed monthly revenue program for client that nets him $3,000 - $10,000 in sales per month, 99% leveraged work by other people. No selling, no product distribution.
    • Designed & implemented campaign that propelled an un-known author to #1 Best-Selling Status in 6 weeks – beating out DaVinci Code & Dr. Phil!
    • After only 1 hour consulting/training helped speaker go from $0 to selling $500,000 products in 9 months (after he gave up trying).

    Her clients typically have these 3 things in common:

    1. First and foremost daily control over their schedule and lives and income. They can literally decide “not to work that day” and take their dog and kids to the beach instead – and money is still coming in.
    2. They get paid now for their “worth” not their “time”. In doing so they get immediate brand awareness.
    3. They have a system in place that monthly (and is some cases on autopilot) builds their practice or customer base, and brings in unlimited revenue. They create their own raises, pay checks and promotions.
  • Gay-hendricks

    Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., has served for more than 35 years as one of the major contributors to the fields of relationship transformation and bodymind therapies. Along with his wife, Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, Gay is the co-author of many bestsellers, including Conscious Loving and Five Wishes. He is the author of 33 books, including The Corporate Mystic, Conscious Living and The Big Leap. Dr. Hendricks received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Stanford in 1974. After a twenty-one-year career as a professor of Counseling Psychology at University Colorado, he and Kathlyn founded The Hendricks Institute, which is based in Ojai, California and offers seminars worldwide.

    In recent years he has also been active in creating new forms of conscious entertainment. In 2003, along with movie producer Stephen Simon, Dr. Hendricks founded The Spiritual Cinema Circle, which distributes inspirational movies to subscribers in 70+ countries around the world, He has appeared on more than 500 radio and television shows, including OPRAH, CNN, CNBC, 48 HOURS and others.

  • Katie-Hendricks

    Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT has been a pioneer in the field of body-mind integration for nearly forty years. Her explorations about the catalytic transformational power of the creative arts have been featured in many magazines, journals and books. She received her doctorate in transpersonal psychology in 1982 and has been a Board Certified-Dance/Movement Therapist of the American Dance Therapy Association since 1975. She has consulted and taught in the graduate programs of many universities, including the University of Colorado, Union Graduate School, Antioch University and Naropa Institute. She has an international reputation as a seminar leader for health and business professionals. Her seminars specialize in training professionals from many fields in the core skills of conscious living using a unique system of whole-body learning and Quantum Coaching™. Kathlyn has also consulted regularly for corporations and organizations. In recent years Kathlyn has focused on expanding advanced courses for the Institute, particularly the two-years Leadership and Transformation program. She also maintains the Facebook fan page that features relationship tips, videos and blogs:

    Together with her husband Gay Hendricks, Katie has worked with over thirty thousand individuals and three thousand couples in developing their method of body-centered and relationship transformation. Widely known as the therapists’ therapists, best-selling author John Bradshaw has stated, “I consider Gay and Kathlyn to be my teachers.” Kathlyn has authored and co-authored nine books, including: Conscious Loving, At the Speed of Life, The Conscious Heart, Lasting Love, Spirit-Centered Relationships and her first book of poetry, A Waterbaby Contemplates Dry Land. Their best-selling Conscious Loving is used as a textbook in many graduate programs throughout the country, and Gay and Katie's work has been reviewed or mentioned in Self, GQ, Psychology Today, Yoga Journal, Delicious, Personal Transformation, and USA Today. Katie and Gay have also appeared on Oprah, CBS’ 48 Hours, Sally Jessy Raphael, CNN and CNBC’s Peal Personal. They consider themselves their own best customers in the creation of conscious relationships and are among the few relationship experts who work and present publicly together.

William Gladstone
January 19, 2012

2012: A New Beginning

Stefanie Hartman
January 18, 2012

How to Turn Who I am and Why I’m Here into a Viable Business

Gay Hendricks
January 23, 2012

Lasting Love Made Easy
Katie Hendricks
January 23, 2012

Lasting Love Made Easy
  • Dr-Marilyn-Joyce-Small

    For almost 40 years Dr. Joyce has been inspiring audiences around the world as a motivational and inspirational keynote speaker and seminar leader & trainer. As a television and radio personality on such shows as “Doctor to Doctor” “Leeza” “Montel Willliams” "Maury Pauvich" and “Jenny Jones”, she has touched hundreds of thousands of lives. Dr Joyce is the author of the best selling books, “5 Minutes to Health” & “I Can’t Believe It’s Tofu!” and now, her much sought after book, “INSTANT E.N.E.R.G.Y.™: The 5 Keys to Unlimited Energy and Vitality!”. She has been featured in many National and International magazines, including "Fit" "Elle" "Cosmopolitan" "Holistic Health" First for Women" "Arthritis Today" "Healthy & Natural" "Chatelaine", "HealthWorld Online" and "New Perspectives", just to name a few. The former Director of Nutrition for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Dr. Joyce is also a cancer survivor - now THRIVER! Her long list of clients include, Xerox, the FBI, Girl Scouts, Boeing, UCLA, Sloan Kettering, and the American Cancer Society.
  • Linville-small

    William Linville is a divine essence, clear Creator Consciousness in a physical body. He has ascended beyond all akashic record levels etc., perceptions of the truth, identifications, beliefs etc., which allows him to obtain / download clarity on any and all topics and so much more. William is an instrument of the Universal and Creator Consciousness and is here to assist you in accelerating and amplifying the process of you remembering, embodying and expanding into your Creator Essence and to experience all of your magnificence and much, much more. When you are assisted by Will there is no limit to what can and does take place for you as you experience all the possibilities that are available for you in a body on a planet.

    Will works beyond space and time and is presented with you on all levels of creation to assist the density and misperceptions (beliefs, etc...) to release and be dissolved as the higher you is marrying and integrating into this realm through your physicality and vibrating faster through the body and cells, and also allowing the marriage of the higher and the lower self to create a communion of connectedness to you and through you through the physical, mental, and light bodies on all levels.

    ‘On December 20, 1996, I agreed to embody within a physicality. Will Linville, 27 years old, was on the operating table, very morbidly obese, weighing over 400 pounds. Weeks before, we communicated on a higher level (beyond the physical), that Will had chosen to leave his body and make a full transition; and I would step in. I continue with his name. I healed the body from 400 plus pounds, paraplegic and with uncontrollable pain to be trim, energetic and yoga flexible, open and fluid, and in brilliant and optimum health today.

    As of December 20, 1996, I came on to this planet for the first time as a conduit and instrument of divinity. From that point in time, I have moved beyond all akashic record levels etc., perceptions of the truth, identifications, beliefs etc., which allows me to obtain / download clarity on any and all topics and so much more. I am an instrument of the Universal and Creator Consciousness. I am here to assist you in accelerating and amplifying the process of you remembering, embodying and expanding into your Creator Essence and to experience all of your magnificence and much, much more; i.e. I am here to assist you in accelerating the marriage of Your Higher and the Lower self.’

  • Kim-castle

    With 20 years of brand development alongside Fortune 500 companies like Disney, General Motors, Wolfgang Puck and many others, as well as guiding thousands of entrepreneurs owners to grow from idea to the Inc. 500 list, Kim Castle is passionate about the power of entreprenuerism and is an expert in personal, social, and financial freedom through business. Along with her partner, W. Vito Montone, Kim co-created BrandU®, a three-stage business building system, often dubbed “the E-myth for the new generation of business”. They also cofounded the Interprise™ Business Incubator to work along side small business owners and entrepreneurs to develop, grow, and fund their enterprises.

    Their one-of-a-kind approach guides creative entrepreneurs to grow beyond the confusion of possibility to the power of extreme clarity—from idea, to brand, to consistent sales in the market—by developing personally aligned, fully expressed money-making brands.

    Kim is an international magazine columnist, speaker, and TV host. She was nominated for the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Woman Making a Difference Award. Her years as an acclaimed actress, writer, TV host, celebrity interviewer, and stand-up comedienne have given her a unique aptitude for connecting at the soul level. Her uncanny ability to speak at the heart of humanity...well that’s just freaky.

  • Esperanza-Universal

    Esperanza Universal is the Co-Creator and CEO of the S.O.U.L. Institute, Inc., in San Diego, CA, where she teaches people how to transform their lives with a Simple and Powerful System, based on Spiritual Laws that are available to everyone. Esperanza started the S.O.U.L. Institute after a profound Spiritual experience while litigating a case in court. She later realized that her practice of ‘Social Law’ was not in keeping with Spiritual Laws of the Universe. She then acquired a burning desire to share Sacred Law and Sacred Truths with the world.

    Through the S.O.U.L. Institute, or “Systems of Universal Law” Institute, Esperanza has spent more than 15 years showing people, from all walks of life and from around the world, how to create the life they truly desire, rather than the one they are unconsciously choosing. How to create a life of Love, Peace, Joy, Freedom and Abundance - a life that honors their ‘Divine Essence.’ Esperanza graduated from college with a degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree and a Law Degree. She also has a Degree in Metaphysics.

    Esperanza was a psychotherapist, a probation officer, an Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, and worked in the Juvenile Justice System. She was active in community politics, and served on many civic boards and commissions, both in San Diego, and on a State and national level. Esperanza’s interest was to become the first Hispanic Congresswoman.

    For many years, Esperanza practiced as an attorney. She was a civil litigation attorney – the one that represents you when you have to go to court. She was a fiery advocate for her clients, and was known as a “Tiger” in the courtroom. Esperanza’s clients were always perfectly prepared for their cases, and often “won” the lawsuits.

    Esperanza began to see that she was teaching people how to fight. Even if they won their case, it was at a very high price for their life and happiness. This was a profound revelation for her. When she realized this, Esperanza left her law practice, and started on her Spiritual Path. As a result of this, she founded the S.O.U.L. Institute Inc.

    Through the S.O.U.L. Institute, Esperanza has taught thousands of people, from all walks of life and around the world, by means of her Seminars, Workshops, Coaching programs, TeleClasses, TeleSeminars and products. Her devotion is showing people how to remove obstacles from their life and how to create the life they truly desire. Esperanza knows that this can be done without drama, pain, blame or guilt, and she has developed a Simple and Liberating System to make this knowledge available to everyone.

Marilyn Joyce
January 17, 2012

Take 5 (minutes) Now to Save 5 (years) Later
William Linville
January 16, 2012

Accessing your Divine Universal Self
Kim Castle
January 19, 2012

Brand Who: Uncovering What People Really Buy
Esperanza Universal
January 23, 2012

How to Remove Obstacles at a Soul Level – and Create the Life You Want
  • Lynn-rose

    Lynn Rose has been touted, "The Voice Of Transformation." She is a multi-faceted Singer/Songwriter, who also has made her mark as a Host for TV and Radio. She started out having starred in a National Broadway show and from there, appeared in TV and Film including, ‘General Hospital’,‘Talk Soup’, a CBS TV Movie, Hosting for ESPN, a Disney Film and more.

    As a Headliner, Lynn has toured all around the world having opened for Sheryl Crow, Jay Leno and Kenny Loggins and many more. She even sang at The Super Bowl 2003. Her passion and her purpose is to connect people to their hearts and help empower them thus, Lynn is also a Motivational Speaker.

    She parlayed that passion into hosting her own show, "Life With Lynn Rose" heard across the country on the syndicated Personal Achievement Radio Network, having interviewed the greatest leaders in that field such as: Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitely, Mark Victor Hansen and many more.

    Along her path, she saw a need for people reaching their goals in a way that ensured success along with inspiring them to evolve into who they dream of being in the process - thus she created the highly successful and effective system, "The GoalGetter" (see

    Her music, however, is dearest to her heart as her vision is to combine the world of Personal Growth within Music and Entertainment. In line with that vision she has released her most recent CD, "Simply The Best - Music To Motivate, Inspire and Connect You To Your Heart" and is currently in progress with a joint venture project of aligning the LEADERS in Personal Growth (such as Marianne WIliamson and Wayne Dyer) and with music put to their concepts, along with a TV show along similar lines that is in first stage development.

  • Boersma

    Mark Boersma, international author, speaker, and President of Synergy Solutions, graduated with three Bachelor’s degrees: finance, management, and marketing. Upon graduating, Mark had six great job offers but decided to choose the riskiest one of all—a 100% straight-commission position with a tiny company that had only been in business for a year. Mark received two days of training, and then was pushed out into the field to sell.

    Mark was confident that he would be successful as he had a great territory, was willing to work 60 to 80 hours a week and do whatever it took to reach his goals. After three months of getting no results, earning less than $1 an hour and not even being able to purchase curtains for his new home, Mark went into the president of the company and said, “Tony, I’m doing everything you guys are telling me to do and I’m getting killed.” Tony responded, “Mark, you have to be patient; it will often take between twelve and eighteen months to get good results.” Mark’s response was, “Tony, I don’t have twelve to eighteen months to wait. I need to do something right now.”

    Fortunately for Mark, over the years he had started a number of his own small businesses. One was a computer business, so at the time, he had more computing power at his home than the entire company had. Mark went to work in the evenings and weekends to develop a sales tool which would help him turn things around. It took Mark one month to develop his first tool, and when he introduced it into his territory, he accomplished more in one week than he had in four months. This tool proved to be so successful that he continued to develop other tools that changed the way both he and the company did business forever.

    Mark was promoted to regional manager six months after he joined the company, still was getting 100% straight commission and was also starting to build a sales force. The tools he implemented continued to expand and grow the company with such great success that within another six months, he was promoted again, this time to marketing manager. Eighteen months after that, Mark was promoted to vice president with an equity position in the company.

    Mark was responsible for sales, recruiting, hiring, training, marketing, planning, business development, advertising, and systems development. Mark managed his team and built it from four straight-commissioned individuals to twenty-eight in three and a half years. His company was blessed with such great success that they went from one of the smallest firms in Illinois to one of the largest in the entire Midwest.

    Due to the success of the systems Mark had developed, industry leaders commented that the company he worked for was ahead of the rest of their industry by over eight years. Mark also had the opportunity to serve on a number of corporate boards, one of which was a technology firm. Due to his international vision of making a difference in the lives of billions, Mark decided to start Synergy Solutions with the intent of building a conglomerate of 25 companies, each doing $60 million or more in business. In 1990, Synergy Solutions was born. Currently, the company is comprised of eleven divisions, which will become the foundation of those 25 companies.

    Synergy provides solutions to professionals in different industries throughout the country, and Mark speaks all over the world regarding entrepreneurial development, team building, and personality assessment. Mark has also been published hundreds of times in industry publications and media worldwide. Mark has written a three book series entitled How to Get Your Business to Make a Profit Without You.

    Mark additionally volunteers significant amounts of his time for non-profit and community-based organizations. His life vision statement is, “I passionately seek to be the best steward with all that I have been gifted, and desire to touch the lives of every single person in the world and make a huge difference in every area of their life.” Mark has been blessed with a marriage of 23 years and has seven wonderful children, ranging in age from 19 to 6 years old.

    Mark has helped to start numerous successful companies and has started five non-profit organizations, two of which are international in focus.

    Because Synergy Solutions provides so many tools, systems, and services it can often be confusing as to what Synergy really does. When Mark was asked how he describes the company, he said, “Synergy has been created to help people reach beyond their dreams and goals in every area of their lives. We have been blessed with outstanding tools, systems, processes, as well as people who all have a desire to make a difference in the lives of everyone we touch on a daily basis. The entire Synergy team has a passion to make a difference in the businesses and lives of those we serve.”

    Whenever Mark invests his life into the lives of others, has a fervent desire to help them have more fulfilling relationships with those they love, to assist in tripling one’s effectiveness in their career, to increase one’s income, reduce the number of hours they work, reduce their stress, and improve their life balance. Whether you are talking to Mark one-on-one over the phone, attending a seminar/workshop he is leading, reading something Mark has published, attending a worldwide conference call, or listening to him on the radio – he seeks to change the way you see your life and the lives of those around you.

  • Pragita-dove
    Pragito Dove is a master trainer, speaker, and meditation expert who teaches people how to transform pain and anxiety into joy and inner peace in order to achieve real world success. A best-selling author and laughter meditation advocate, she founded the Laughing Buddhas Network to make happiness accessible to all.
  • Allana-pratt
    Allana Pratt is the Author of How To Be And Stay Sexy, The Missing Handbook to Motherhood and for men, Get Her To Say Yes. An Intimacy Expert on CBS, TLC & FOX, she’s a columnist for eHarmony and People Magazine reported Allana was the first person Leeza Gibbons called for coaching when she signed on with Dancing with the Stars. Allana helps relationships thrive and families flourish through healthy fulfilling Intimate Relationships with your Self and your Beloved.
Lynn Rose
January 9, 2012

The WOW Factor!

Mark Boersma
January 12, 2012

Personality Masteries

Pragito Dove
January 11, 2012

Wisdom for Real World Success: Discover the Power of Laughter Meditation

Allana Pratt
January 24, 2012

The Potency of Pleasure

  • Howard-falco
    Howard Falco is a spiritual teacher, and international author and speaker specializing in the power of the mind as it relates to the creation of the experience of life. His new book on human understanding and potential is titled, I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are (Penguin Group).
    On the surface Howard seems to be the everyday regular guy. However, in the middle of ordinary life, this married father of two went through a spontaneous and extraordinary expansion of mind. The dramatic depth and breadth of this shift in consciousness unveiled the answers to many of the largest and deepest questions that humanity seeks answers for on a regular basis, such as “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Why do I suffer?”
    Through his experience he came to a full understanding of the conditions that led to every moment of his life. This realization immediately led to the release of any pressure, fear and disharmony in his life. As a result, the core essence underlying all human creation, action, reaction, joys and suffering was revealed to him. Stunned and inspired by this powerful knowledge, Howard set out to honor what happened by sharing what he learned. I AM is the incredible result of this effort.
    For Howard, the most thrilling revelation of his new insight is that everyone has the same opportunity to experience this information and the freedom, joy and creative power it brings. He states, “The issue is not whether the access or answers to any of your questions exist, but only a matter of if you are ready to embrace the new way of looking at and experiencing the world that these answers will bring.”
    Known for his powerfully clear and relatable style, Howard presents individuals the wisdom regarding how to harness more of the creative power of their mind to accomplish any desire, goal or dream they have for themselves, allowing them to achieve a greater sense of peace, understanding and fulfillment in their lives in the process.
    His book, I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are, reveals the answers to exactly how and why each of us have created our unique and individual experience of reality, offering the reader a practical and empowering process of taking complete control of the creative process of life from this moment forward.
  • LindaRobinson

    Linda Robinson has been working with personal growth organizations since 1984. She served as the executive director at both Summit Workshops and The Vogel Institute. She worked for Dr. Deepak Chopra in his mind–body clinic. For the past five years she has been staffing with The Get-a-life company, (formerly WarriorSage), and has been facilitating Illumination Intensives. “My mission and passion is to help others to wake up to the Truth of themselves and to live That in their lives. I inspire passion and living full out.” Linda also gives oneon- one sessions in person or by Skype helping clients to integrate any charge and barriers in any areas they want to work on and return to a relaxed unified state. “We call these Get Over It sessions and they are amazingly effective.

  • Ronda Wada
    Ronda Wada is an emerging thought leader, international speaker, author, life fulfillment mentor and Co-Founder and Creator of Sacred Compass. She empowers your potential through authenticity and possibility. Ronda invites you to become the expert in your own life by teaching you to trust yourself, your awareness and your ability to live from choice. Through writing, workshops, tele-trainings and one-on-one coaching, Ronda empowers you to design a life you love, live from inspiration and follow that still small voice inside. She is also creator of Transform Your To-Do List: From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed; The Energy of Productivity and Energetic Success and author of the forthcoming book "How Did My Keys Get in the Microwave?" Connect with Ronda at; and
  • Traci Carman

    Traci Carman is the Founder and CEO of A Loving Way ~ How I Parent Makes a Difference. She is also the creator of the "Who I Am" Energy Cards. Most importantly, she is the mother of three children.

    Traci has been a mother and entrepreneur for over 23 years. Rather than going back to work after her first child was born, she started her own business, and has been a self-employed stay-at-home mom ever since, even while single parenting her three children.

    She is certified as a Master Results Coach, Performance Consultant, Reiki Master, and Trainer of NLP and Neurological Repatterning. She is also certified in Meditation.

    Traci supports APPPAH (Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health), has been a Coordinator for MOMS Club International, and has served on the PTA Board in her community. She has volunteered in the classroom and public school system for 15 years, and has several years of experience homeschooling her children.

    She is a speaker, coach and author, known for her practical and intuitive style. Traci has been interviewed on the radio, has appeared on TV, and was nominated for the For You Network Have A Heart Award - Sphere of Influence.

    Traci believes everyone has a gift to share with the world. Her gift is in awakening the "Who I Am." Her philosophy is that we are all born knowing who we are and why we are here. As we grow up, we forget. We then go through years of counseling and self-help, in the hopes of finding ourselves again.

    It is time to bridge that gap. It is time for adults to remember who they are, and to support children in never forgetting. We must step into our true essence, and be the Light that we are meant to be.

Howard Falco
January 9, 2012

Discovering the Power of I AM
Linda Robinson
January 24, 2012

Enlightenment: Authentically being YOU
Ronda Wada
January 10, 2012

Using Your Sacred Compass to Navigate Through Life

Traci Carman
January 26, 2012

Who I Am and Parenting

  • Blaine Carman Headshot

    Blaine Carman, MA, LMFT is an inspired author, speaker, and facilitator of positive change in peoples’ lives. He has published articles in local newspapers, corporate newsletters and online forums for over 20 years. He has developed his writing and speaking skills through his previous career in high tech marketing and his current profession as a licensed therapist and seminar leader. Prior to becoming a therapist, Blaine held management positions in a range of high technology companies, which brought him to Asia, where he lived and worked for five years.

    Blaine has a passion for helping people uncover what’s blocking them in their own individual growth or in relationships and to implement effective strategies to bring about positive results. Blaine speaks at retreats and leads seminars on a variety of life changing topics, such as life transitions, relationship empowerment, anger management, and dating as a vehicle for personal growth. He currently lives in Southern California with his family and can be contacted at

  • Greg Montana

    Greg is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with an Engineering Degree where he studied Energy and Quantum Physics. He is also a former monk of eight years, where he spent more that 15,000 hours in silent meditaion. During that time, he studied the lives of heroes and found they all expressed a "Virtue" they were not only willing to die for, but also willing to live for.For example: Mother Teresa's Heart Virtue was Compassion; Martin Luther King's was Brotherhood; Abraham Lincoln's was Unity, etc.

    Greg is an accomplished speaker and trainer who leads many experiential workshops and seminars for audiences all over the world. He and his wife Tamara have combined their work and designed: "Creating Divine Partnerships"  inside "Virtuous Cultures" at Home and in Business. Together they empower audiences, individuals, couples, families and corporations by identifying their "Heart Virtue" and awakening the"Hero" living inside your chest.  Then, discovering...what if YOUR "Authentic Expression" could be your brand?! 

    At the foundation of Greg's work, he and Tamara lead you through a process of identifying your very own Heart Virtue (like a unique fingerprint) that may have been hidden in a blind spot. Greg has found that once people discover what is most meaningful to them, they can use this knowledge and their inherent talents to increase their productivity, wealth and ability to create more fulfilling experiences in life. 

    Greg shares three main skills of heroes: They Knew Who They Were; They Spoke Powerfully and Beautifully and made a Huge Contribution to Humanity. Greg has received endless testimonials from participants who have gained Clarity and Confience by unlocking their Heart Virtue.

    Imagine being so busy loving your life, you won't have time to indulge in harmful addictions. He has trained corporations, entrepreneurs, psychologists, ministers, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Academy and Emmy award-winning celebrities who were at the top of their game asking themselves "What next!?"

    Greg has found, "We are not six billion people living in one world, we are ONE PEOPLE living in six billion worlds." Their goal is to have six billion people discover the treasure that lies "within" by knowing their Heart Virtue. Live in alignment with what is most meaningful to YOU!

Blaine Carman
January 26, 2012

"If You Had One More Day to Live, Who Would You BE and What Would you DO?"

Greg Montana
January 11, 2012

Unlock Your Heart Virtue ~ You Came Here for a Reason


One of the reasons these amazing speakers have joined with us, is because we are about giving back ... to children. Here's how we're doing that:

Who I Am 2012 Is About Giving Back!

As mentioned above, there is no cost to attend this Summit. However, we are inviting participants to partner with us and The I AM Foundation by being a Point of Light for a child. Your $16 donation will provide a child with a deck of “Who I Am” Cards, to support them in never forgetting who they are.

Please help us raise the funds necessary to support 400 more children!

When children are supported in building a strong core foundation, they are more likely to internalize these truths while they are young, thus laying a path for a meaningful, happy and successful adulthood.

Please join us in supporting the children for only $16.00.

All donations are tax deductible. And, feel free to sponsor as many children as you like.


Children’s Organizations being Sponsored

Oak Grove Center for Education, Treatment and the Arts

Our World Foundation

Our World Global Foundation

safe passage

The other unique aspect of this Summit is...

Free Registration!

Enter your name and email address below to register for
The Who I Am 2012 Summit.

Everyone will be focusing on YOU.

How do you figure out who you are?

How do you figure out what you are here to do?

  • You will receive KEY components to life’s deepest and most meaningful questions.
  • You will walk away inspired to live your life as you were meant to live it.
  • You will walk away knowing “what to do next.”
  • You will walk away with passion, hope and promise.
  • Your soul will be touched.

YOU are NOT alone.

Your awakening has begun!

You will begin your own personal journey to the deepest levels of self-exploration over the months that follow through the books, programs and events that will be offered throughout 2012. We will then come together (those who choose) on December 22, 2012 for Birth 2012 with Barbara Marx Hubbard.

If you KNEW who you really were …
Powerful, Confident, Amazing, Free, Wise beyond measure, Divine, Valuable
….. would YOU live the life you’re living right now?

Ideally, what would you like to be doing for work?

How would you parent differently?

You might be wondering, “Does it really even matter? Why would knowing who I am make any difference?”

We are all connected. We all bring a piece to life’s “puzzle.”

“There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.”

~ Deepak Chopra

The world needs You!

People feel your vibration even if you don’t know it. We resonate with certain people, certain businesses, certain movements. It’s a sixth sense, like tuning forks that start vibrating at the same frequency.

You will ATTRACT clients, business partners, staff, and love relationships based on your vibration. You want to be the highest vibration you can be ~ authentically you ~ so you attract high quality people and experiences into your life, business and family.

Being who you are comes from a soul level
. It allows you to do what you came to do.

Don’t you think your soul being ALIVE would spark life into those around you?

What legacy are you leaving behind?

What are you leaving for the generations that follow?

Currently, all of us are living with limiting beliefs about who we really are.

Why is that a problem?

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

If your beliefs become your destiny (and they do), you need to believe in yourself to create the destiny you were meant to live and to bring your full essence and value to the world.

Who do you believe YOU are?

How is your life reflecting that?

Are you creating the life you were MEANT to live?

Do you know your purpose in being here?

Where do you fit in?

Most of humanity does not remember who they are and have not connected with their purpose in being here. This is evidenced by:

  • Depression
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Disconnected families
  • Teen pregnancies
  • Homelessness
  • War
  • Unemployment
  • Working in jobs we hate
  • Poverty
The list is endless.

What about YOU?

Remembering who YOU are … is a muscle that you need to exercise daily.

If you KNEW you were Powerful, Confident, Amazing, Free, Wise beyond measure, Divine, Valuable ….. would YOU live the life you’re living right now?

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.' We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

~ Marianne Williamson

Who are you NOT to be absolutely AMAZING – for yourself, for your children, for the world. We ALL fit into this puzzle of life. We ALL bring something of Value.

So many people get up every day to do a job that zaps their energy, as opposed to feeding it. They are angry, upset, and lost. Is that you?

What about ending up in relationships that are hurtful and sometimes even dangerous? I found myself in an abusive marriage, and became a single mom with three children.

Does a Powerful, Valuable, Confident and AMAZING woman get abused? No! But, only if SHE knows she’s Powerful, Valuable, Confident and Amazing.

Part of my life’s work is to teach parents how to consciously parent, and how to reconnect with Who They Are, while simultaneously creating a space where their children will never have to forget. I am a bridge.

Free Registration!

Enter your name and email address below to register for
The Who I Am 2012 Summit.

What are YOU here to do?
I believe YOU are a bridge.
I believe YOU are here to bring Light.
I believe YOU sent up a Spiritual Time Capsule.

You have started on the quest to find that depth within you. And, on various levels, you have found parts of yourself and glimpses of your purpose.

JOIN US on this journey to discover more about the truth of who YOU are.

We need to energize and connect to our Source.

We need to create community and support each other in BEING Who We Are.

HOW do YOU become WHO YOU TRULY ARE … and … do what YOU are here to do?

Find out by joining us at the “Who I Am” 2012 Global TeleSummit in January.

The Summit will last the entire month of January, and is designed to IMPACT unconsciousness, to wake people up. The best part ... this Summit, with speakers who charge thousands of dollars for their time ... is our GIFT to you. And, we INVITE you to make a small donation of $16 to provide a child with a deck of "Who I Am" Cards so they are supported in never forgetting who they are ... Powerful, Valuable, Loved. (More details can be found at the bottom of this page.) Simply click here to register, and you will be given the option to participate in giving back.

We will have numerous speakers to talk about business, family, relationships, money, entrepreneurialism, health, business and so much more … and how knowing Who YOU Are impacts everything that YOU do. They will give you opportunities to explore those areas more deeply and dive into yourself.

"You have been on a path since the moment you were born into this world. No matter where your journey has taken you, no matter where you believed you were going, your path was always leading you to only one place - back to the wholeness of your own Self."

~ Barbara DeAngelis

Barbara’s comments are what the Who I Am Summit and this movement of getting back to our core essence is all about.

YOU cannot bring YOUR Light to the world, if you do not recognize and own it.

You cannot make the difference you are here to make if you are not being YOU.

Take a moment NOW to look at your life.
  • Where have you settled for less?
  • Where have you been confused?
  • Where have you felt powerless?

Do you step into your Value every single day? Do you experience and act upon your Passion … every single day?

Do you shine your Light, and share your Love?

Free Registration!

Enter your name and email address below to register for
The Who I Am 2012 Summit.


There is so much more for YOU to uncover about your true essence and purpose in being here.

It is time to wake up.

Your Spiritual Time Capsule is opening.

In order to recognize the information you sent to YOURSELF, you MUST remember who you are.

Join us at the Summit to learn more about WHO YOU ARE as it relates to money, business, family, relationships, physical health … and to plan your 2012 to include the learnings that you need in order to FULLY step into being WHO YOU ARE.

What did you send to yourself in YOUR Spiritual Time Capsule?

It’s time to retrieve it.

Thank You to Our Event Partners

a loving way who I am 2012
Who I Am 2012 Event Partner
Who I Am 2012 Event Partner

Free Registration!

Enter your name and email address below to register for
The Who I Am 2012 Summit.